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Our Story.

From Ranch to Event Space

Welcome to Rocky Hill Ranch, where the echoes of history resonate through the rolling green hills and the sturdy beams of our vintage barn. What began as a humble peach orchard transformed into a cattle ranch, finding its place amid the Arkansas landscape in 1967. With roots embedded in the very metal that fortified the De Queen Lake dam, our barn stood as a testament to the enduring spirit of the land.

In 1994, the Pickering family, led by Kenny and Debbie, saw more than just a barn and pastures. They envisioned a space where memories could flourish, where celebrations could dance beneath the starlit sky. For decades, the barn served as a stalwart guardian of hay and equipment, its history whispered through the weathered wood.

But in 2016, Debbie glimpsed beyond the rustic façade. She saw the potential for something extraordinary, a haven where love and laughter could intertwine. With unwavering determination, she embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the old barn, to transform its timeworn walls into a canvas for dreams.

As the hay was cleared and the horse pens vanished, the barn emerged reborn, adorned with chandeliers that cast a soft glow upon its weathered beams. With each string of lights and fluttering curtain, the essence of Rocky Hill Ranch blossomed into a sanctuary for love and celebration.

By 2020, the vision had evolved, with Taylor Pickering joining Debbie as a steadfast partner in their shared dream. Together, they cultivated Rocky Hill Ranch into more than just a venue—it became a beacon of warmth and hospitality, drawing guests from Arkansas, Texas, and beyond.

From the gentle slopes of our hills to the laughter echoing within our walls, every detail speaks of a journey forged with passion and dedication. As the calendar fills with joyous occasions, we remain committed to crafting unforgettable experiences, each one a testament to the enduring legacy of Rocky Hill Ranch.

Join us amidst the embrace of nature and history, where every moment is woven into the fabric of our story. Welcome to Rocky Hill Ranch, where dreams take flight and memories find their forever home.

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