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Rustic, Vintage, Authentic

A unique venue that caters to all of your needs and makes your event memorable.

Host Your Event

Family Reunions
Wedding/Baby Showers
Corporate Meetings
And Many More!


Included with Booking:


10 8ft Tables
10 6ft Tables
3 6ft Round Tables
115 Padded Mahogany Chairs
White Linen Tableclothes for all tables
Black or White Tableclothes for Serving Tables
Large Selection of Basic Centerpieces & Decorations including whiskey barrels, church pews and an assortment of furniture
Food Prep Area
Bride and Groom Dressing Rooms
400lb Ice Maker



The Rocky Hill Ranch

Our authentic and vintage barn was originally a peach orchard.  In 1967, it was converted into a cattle ranch and primarily used as a roping arena!  Later, in 1994, Kenny and Debbie Pickering bought the land and renovated it into a productive cattle ranch.  Debbie and Taylor now operate the barn, with the objective of providing the area with an all-purpose venue and giving the barn life once more.  


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  • What is required to book? Or how do I book?
    A signed contract and $500 non refundable deposit is required.
  • When is the total amount for venue rental due?
    60 days prior to the event.
  • What does it cost to rent?
    See pricing on Price List page.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    6 months to 1 year
  • How do I schedule a tour/showing of the barn?
    Contact Taylor (870)5842075 or Debbie (870)5848326
  • Where is the venue located?
    347 Hwy 24 West Dequeen AR 71832
  • How many people can the barn accommodate?
    300 to 350 people
  • What all is included in the booking?
    Access to the barn for times discussed at booking. Tables, chairs, and linens (linens only included for day and weekend rental). Assortment of decorations and table runners. 10 8ft Tables 10 6ft Tables 3 6ft Round Tables 115 Padded Mahogany Chairs White Linen Table clothes for all tables Black or White Table Clothes for Serving Tables Large Selection of Basic Centerpieces & Decorations Food Prep Area Fire Pit Bride and Groom Dressing Rooms 400 lbs Ice Maker Port-a-Cool
  • Is there an area to get married outside?
    Yes, venue chairs are not to be taken outside of the venue. Although, we do have 6 church pews that can be taken outside.
  • Does the venue have rentals?
    No, anything at/in the barn is included in your rental. We can provide you with a list of local renters if needed.
  • Do you rent for weddings only?
    No, the barn can be rented for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, Proms, corporate events. Linens are not included in party rentals.
  • Does the venue do decorating and coordinating of the wedding?
    No, the venue does not decorate or coordinate the event. A coordinator is highly recommended and local contacts can be given if needed.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Yes, alcohol is allowed. If open bar a bartender and security is required. Beer and wine allowed without bartender or security.
  • Do I have to clean up?
    Yes, clean up is required after the event. Clean up packages are available with price based on size of event.
  • Can we stay past midnight?
    Yes, extra hours can be purchased at $150 an hour up to 2:00 AM only. After midnight music must be turned down.
  • Will someone from the venue be present during my event?
    No, owners will be available by phone at all times and will make visits throughout rental.
  • Do I get my deposit back if I cancel my event?
    No, the deposit is non refundable. Not negotiable.
  • Can I reschedule my event if needed?
    Yes, but an additional 30% of rental price will be required to pick another date.
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